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SAVE Paragliding



Safety is our top priority, therefore we are flying with certificated equipment and optimal weather conditions.

Certified instructors and professional tandem pilots ensure paragliding at the highest stage and guarantee a great experience throughout your flight.

flight procedure

Tandem paragliding is a fascinating way of flying.
Our paraglider fits in two easy portable backpacks - we carry them with us to the top of Gerlitzen Alpe in the cable car.
​When we arrive on the summit, it's only a 2 minute walk to the take off point, depending on flight area and wind direction.
After that, your tandem pilot prepares the paraglider for take off - in the meantime you get a sneak peak of the beautiful area.

take off

Before take off, the paraglider will be laid out and checked.
Then you get your harness and helmet applied and your tandem pilot explains the take off procedure.
Right before the take off there's the 7 point-check!
When you get the command to start, you have to run a little bit - or depending on the wind, you have to take just a few steps and before you know it, you're in the air.


The landing is soft and uncomplicated.
Right before the landing, your tandem pilot will explain the landing process.
You will land either running or sitting, depending on the wind.

- children from 25 kg - adults to 120 kg - age doesn't matter


Tandem paragliding is a beautiful experience. There's no previous knowledge necessary!
Due to our "airchair" also people with disabilities can experience the beauty of flying - please book in advance.

Book your own Paragliding Adventure!!


- How can I sign up? You can reach us on +43 67762010313, write us an email or book your flight online.

- Can you fly all year round? Basically, we fly all year round, even in winter, but only under conditions that allow the tandem flight to be carried out safely.

- Do I need any previous knowledge? No, no previous knowledge is required. We ensure that everything runs safely and smoothly so that you can fully enjoy the experience of flying.

- Can viewers come along? Of course, viewers can watch takeoff or landing.

- How cold is it up there? Expect the temperature at takeoff and during the flight to be about 10-15 degrees lower than at the landing site. In addition, there is a wind speed of approx. 40 km/h.

- What do we do if it rains? If the weather forecast isn't right, we'll call you in advance and ask for an alternative date. If there's a short rainshower, we can wait at the landing site or at the summit until it's over.

- Where is the meeting point? Our address is: Gerlitzenstrasse 2, 9551 Bodensdorf, opposite the Turmöl petrol station and the driveway to the Hotel Feuerberg. Our pavilion with plenty of parking options is located there.

- Is the ride with the cable car included? No, you have to pay extra, unless you have the Kärnten Card, then the ride is free.

- How much time does the flight take? A flight lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and the entire event takes around 1.5 hours.

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